Boris ENG

PhD Student in Computer Science, Team LoVe, LIPN (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France) [last name][first name]



Scientific Timeline

I was born as Sambo Boris ENG instead of Boris Sambo ENG (administrative mistake from my parents).
I became the proud creator of a masterpiece called "Tyrannosaurus Rex".
The origin of my discovery of programming was the wish to make RPG (oddly enough, I never figured out how to actually make one).
I got refused for the admission in DUT Informatique (2-years technical degree in Computer Science). Later got admitted with Kostia Chardonnet after several calls and an interview in IUT Montreuil. I then realized the existence of research in Computer Science.
I had a growing interest for the logical side of the Curry-Howard correspondence. I was told that I shouldn't read the "Blind Spot" of Girard if I wanted to learn more about Logic but I read it anyway.
I learnt about the Geometry of Interaction and the Transcendental Syntax. I couldn't understand it but it wanted to know more about it.
I joined the LIPN (team LoVe) as a PhD student with Damiano Mazza and Thomas Seiller in the hope of a better understanding of the link between logic and computation.
Suddenly living during a world-wide pandemic, affecting my work and motivation.
Fighting robots with the Human resistance.


Degree School Year
PhD in Computer Science Université Paris 13 2019–Now
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI) Université Paris 7 2018–2019
Master 1 Informatique Recherche (15.5/20, mention B) Université Paris 7 2017–2018
Licence 3 Informatique (Rang 2, Rang 1, mention TB) Université Paris 7 2016–2017
DUT Informatique (Rang 1) IUT de Montreuil 2014–2016
Baccalauréat Technologique STI2D (Mention B) Lycée Dorian 2011–2014

Note that I didn’t have a scientific/mathematical education but rather a technical one. I studied electronics and sustainable development (please tell me if you understand how they can be related) for the “baccalauréat STID2”. The DUT Informatique is a 2-years technical degree in IT. I had 50% of general Computer Science and 50% of secondary classes (communication, economics, management, mathematics, French law, accounting and more).

I didn’t like the MPRI. But actually, I have almost no memory of what happened during the MPRI. I think they brainwashed me with Category Theory.