Boris Eng

ATER at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France [last name][first name]



Scientific Timeline

I was born as Sambo Boris ENG instead of Boris Sambo ENG (administrative mistake from my parents).
I became the proud creator of a masterpiece called "Tyrannosaurus Rex".
The origin of my discovery of programming was the wish to make RPG (oddly enough, I never figured out how to actually make one).
I got refused for the admission in DUT Informatique (2-years technical degree in Computer Science). Later got admitted with Kostia Chardonnet after several calls and an interview in IUT Montreuil. I then realised the existence of research in Computer Science.
I had a growing interest for the logical side of the Curry-Howard correspondence. I was told that I shouldn't read Girard's "Blind Spot" if I wanted to learn more about Logic but I read it anyway.
I joined the LIPN (team LoVe) as a PhD student with Damiano Mazza and Thomas Seiller in the hope of a better understanding of the link between logic and computation.
Suddenly living during a world-wide pandemic, affecting my work and motivation.


Degree School Year
PhD in Computer Science Université Paris 13 2019–Now
Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI) Université Paris 7 2018–2019
Master 1 Informatique Recherche (15.5/20, mention B) Université Paris 7 2017–2018
Licence 3 Informatique (Rang 2, Rang 1, mention TB) Université Paris 7 2016–2017
DUT Informatique (Rang 1) IUT de Montreuil 2014–2016
Baccalauréat Technologique STI2D (Mention B) Lycée Dorian 2011–2014

Note that I didn’t have a scientific/mathematical education but rather a technical one. I studied electronics and sustainable development (how are they even related?) for the “baccalauréat STID2”. The DUT Informatique is a 2-years technical degree in IT. I had 50% of general Computer Science and 50% of secondary classes (communication, economics, management, mathematics, French law, accounting and more).