Boris Eng

R&D Engineer at OCamlPro, PhD in computer science [first name][last name]

ReFL / Réflexions sur les Fondements de la Logique

French discussion group on the foundations of logic and computation. The group was initially founded by four PhD students during the “Linear Logic Winter School 2022” but we now aim for a broader group where discussions can be created between logicians, computer scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and more, with various backgrounds and profiles, with the aim of proposing original insights and relectures of the foundations of computation and logic. In particular, we put a special attention on the role of computer science in the understanding of logic.

Our scientific interests are the following:

Our activities include:

We are inspired by the transdisciplinarity of the LIGC working group which gathered researchers from various fields around the foundations of (linear) logic.

For the moment, our discussions are in French but we still offer a space for discussions in English and are open to communication in English. The official language of our discussions may change to English depending on the number of English speakers among regular participants.


Co-founders & organisers (4)

Regular participants (10)

Visitors (13)


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References on Girard’s Transcendental Syntax

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